"lets colour ur life wif musiQ"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Line up geng Indie Sarawak,,

tok slh sorg geng aku yg secara independent nya wat group dikpun,,mok dkt 5 tawun ar group tok d tubuh kn,,pnt lelah daknya,,bbaloi ar,,k martabat kn musik local kta tok,,xkn mok up musik lua jk kn,,hope dak group tok pat kekal ar,,n gud luck k battle of d band ya k,,<3<3<3

History of Indie musiQ!!

Independent music or famously known as ‘Indie’ music, is used as the term to describe the independence of music from major commercial record labels. These groups are mostly autonomous, self made and more precisely are pioneers. The people from this "Indie" class do everything on their own in recording, publishing and performances. Indie groups are usually not interested in taking help of any big names from Music Industry

Birth of an Indie Music Band:

The history of Indie Music dates long back in 1960’s. The format of the music then was pop, rock and roll and a slight dash of R&B. The lyrics of the songs was inspired by peace, love and anti-war thoughts. There immerged some bands like "Velvet Underground". This was the band which could be considered as a real "Indie" band. They did everything regarding their album all on their own and created a difference in traditional music. They created songs comprising of almost everything belonging to that time. They tried the new style which was not tried by any other group. Unfortunately, the "Velvet Underground" band sold very few records of them. Even though the musicians are generating various kinds of music today, they are still amazed with the creation of "Velvet Underground".

In the era of 1970 more experimented music originated. There were numerous groups which tried diversity in music and immerged as music bands. One more new form of music aroused during this period named as "Progressive Rock". The music was distinct from hard rock of Beatles and soft music in 1960’s. This was the base of electronic instrumental era that took place in 1990. Music bands like Sire Records and Stiff Records were the most popular that time, which invented "New Wave" form of music.

Indie music took a stiff growth in 1980s. In this period a new form of music immerged known as "alternative music", which was a group formed out of distortion of garage bands. In 1990 the Indie music changed its face. The music was more promising and a missing link between modern music. The commercialization of these pioneers was on a high and they seem to be tied up with major labels than their own Indie labels. The Indie fans got upset with this. Soon the picture changed at the end of 1990s and Indie music got its original identity once again.